Life changing discoveries

Scientific research to understand and treat rare genetic diseases

Research Programs

TIGEM's mission is to discover how abnormal molecular mechanisms cause disease and to use this knowledge to offer innovative therapeutic strategies.

TIGEM uses a multidisciplinary approach, integrating three research programs to address scientific problems from multiple angles: Cell Biology and Disease Mechanisms, Genomic Medicine, and Molecular Therapy. 

TIGEM’s primary research findings are often scaled up to the translational medicine stage, allowing our work to track disease understanding from first principles to the lives of patients. As well as work carried out by the individual groups at TIGEM, collaborative projects form an important aspect to our work, both within our own institution and in partnership with others.

Research Faculty

TIGEM is organized into several research units, each led by a group leader. The size of these units varies based on the seniority of the group leader and availability of external funding. Typically research groups include technicians, fellows, graduate and undergraduate students.

Telethon Undiagnosed Disease Program

Since 2016, Tigem researchers have coordinated the Telethon Undiagnosed Disease Program (TUDP), the first Italian initiative devoted to the diagnosis of patients affected by rare disorders but lacking a genetic diagnosis. The TUDP was very successful and will be continued over this funding period as TUDP2.0, augmented with new state of the art DNA and RNA sequencing approaches.

Contacts: Vincenzo Nigro, Manuela Morleo, Carmine Spampanato