Institutional Support

General Services, Administration, Informatic Core 

General Services

General Service Members
General Services members.png
The General Services team provides technical support, maintains equipment, oversees environmental safety issues, and organises training regarding workplace safety and risk prevention.

Contacts: Flavio Castellacci, Luca Cipolletta, Stefano Pepe, Enzo Provitera, Salvatore Pinto, Ciro Talotti

The General Services activities include:

  • Orchestrating the acquisition and proper use of products
  • Storing chemicals and distributing and cleaning solvents, glassware and other laboratory materials
  • Suppling ample quantities of common media, solutions, and plates
  • Arranging periodic structural maintenance assessments
  • Oversees the wellbeing of all TIGEM personnel via annual health checks
  • Modifying and updating equipment and appliances
  • Training personnel in safety procedures
  • Taking regular inventories of institutional resources, and supervising in-house services


Administration MembersAdministration.png 
Human Resources, General Affairs and Reception

The Human Resources Office handles personnel-related and bureaucratic matters for domestic and international employees, including contract provision, stipend distribution, and immigration policy. The Receptionist handles contact with external parties, managing mail, waste product disposal, and administrative issues.

Human Resources Contacts: Federico BaroneBrunella Summaria
Reception Contact: Mariolina Pepe

Purchasing and Administration

TIGEM’s Purchasing Agent oversees goods acquisition, maintains purchasing records, and supports research groups in fund management. In addition, the office organizes work-place safety training and assists the safety coordinator with personnel health surveillance.

Contacts: Marina Padricelli, Silvana Ruotolo


The Secretariat assembles the agendas of both the researchers and the Director, including preparing meetings, conferences, and travel plans. TIGEM often welcomes distinguished external researchers and scientists to participate in seminars; the office organizes the logistics of such events

Contacts: Valeria LamorgeseMarica Giovannini

Informatic Core

Informatic Core Members
The IT core employs an integrated approach involving an expandable high-performance computing cluster and storage system shared by the IT core and the other facilities.

Contacts: Mario Traditi, Giacomo Ferrillo, Francesco Gulfo

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The Informatic Core activities include:

  • Management of IT infrastructure and IT security
  • User account management and access policies to computer equipment and data transmission network
  • Acquisition of IT goods and services
  • Technical training for the entire administrative staff
  • TIGEM Cloud Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Management of the institutional portal and web development
  • Audio/visual technical support for seminar rooms and auditorium
  • Print Services
  • HelpDesk for admin, research staff and students