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Tigem, a leading Italian research center

The Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM), a Telethon Foundation organization, was founded in 1994 as a leading Italian research center.

TIGEM is a Telethon Foundation research centre located in Pozzuoli, Italy, just a few kilometers away from Naples. TIGEM comprises 24 research groups and over 200 staff members, all dedicated to understanding the molecular mechanisms behind rare genetic diseases. These diseases, often overlooked by pharmaceutical industries, are most common in children and adolescents.

TIGEM's sole purpose is to provide the scientific basis for the development of treatments.

TIGEM’s research falls into three main themes: Cell Biology, Genomic Medicine, and Molecular Therapy. Our research is supported by a number of in-house highly specialised facilities, as well as significant international support in the form of funding and collaborative opportunities.

Discover TIGEM

TIGEM is a biomedical research institute, located near Naples, Italy. Our research aims to help people with rare genetic disorders across the world. 

Our work helps to understand the causes of genetic disorders by unravelling the genetics which underpin them. We also aim to discover new ways to diagnose, prevent and treat these diseases, offering alternative and improved outcomes for patients. 

TIGEM is made up of outstanding scientists from wide-ranging disciplines, committed to high-quality research with life changing consequences.

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The organization

The Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) is led by a governing board composed of the Director Andrea Ballabio, the Operation Manager Flavio Castellacci and the Chief Scientific Officer Graciana Diez-Roux. The governing board determines the orientation of TIGEM activities. In addition, an external Scientific Advisory Board meets with TIGEM researchers every other year to discuss the quality, significance and main aims of the research conducted at TIGEM. The scientific research at TIGEM is supported by a number of crucial services (Administration, the Scientific Office, the Informatic Core and General Services), which offer assistance to researchers, students and staff in a wide variety of matters including internal administration, dissemination, the preparation and management of grants, IT issues, daily operations, and research activities. 

Our Facility

TIGEM carries on the legacy of the Comprensorio Olivetti, installing modern technology into a space surrounded by great natural beauty. Our new structure is complete with a cafeteria, recreational space and a gym, paths, and most importantly, the scientific equipment and labs needed to conduct our research.


Funding Agencies

The Institute continues to actively pursue external funds to finance its research costs. These efforts have paid off and external funding (i.e non-Telethon) covers more than 70% of our total costs. An high percentage This high percentage of external funding highlights the international competitiveness of our researchers to acquire funding and the international standing of the Institute. TIGEM is presently funded by prestigious international funding agencies such as the `European Union, European Research Council, Foundation Fighting Blindness, PKD Foundation, National MPS Society, Jerome Lejeune Foundation, Team Sanfillipo, Life for Elisa, Cystinosis Research Foundation, United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation, Alpha1 Foundation, Human Science Frontier, among others.

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Industrial Alliances

One of TIGEM's priorities is to translate its research into plausible solutions for providing treatments for genetic diseases. In order to do so, TIGEM has paired with two major international pharmaceutical companies, BioMarin and Shire, to carry out some of its major groundbreaking projects. These alliances gives TIGEM additional funding and outlets to develop treatments.shire TIGEM is also funded by small, private companies that focus on rare genetic diseases. Normally these organizations are devoted to supporting the research of a specific type of genetic disease. Collaborating with small companies allows TIGEM to expand its research interests and find unique outlets for diseases that are normally not subject to scientific research.

Institutional Partnerships

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Donation & Prires

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