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A Spotlight on our Institution

Our Vision

The Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) executes top quality research to uncover the mechanisms underpinning rare genetic diseases and to implement these findings to develop novel therapeutic treatments. 

Rare genetic diseases are often overlooked by the pharmaceutical industry and are not met with the attention they deserve. The scientists at TIGEM are devoted to making these disorders their top priority.
TIGEM researchers harness interdisciplinary techniques to approach scientific questions from multiple angles and generate thorough and conclusive results. TIGEM's funding derives from the Telethon Foundation, the European Union, and various other funding bodies. This key support and the dedicated efforts of the Institute’s talented members are critical to TIGEM’s success in making key biological discoveries. 

Our Focus

TIGEM is a multidisciplinary research Institute devoted to the study of the mechanisms underlying rare genetic diseases and the development of innovative therapies. 

The Institute’s main goal is unite scientific knowledge, expertise, and education to focus efforts on: i) unique research at basic, pre-clinical, and translational levels that breaks new ground and defines scientific excellence; ii) new therapeutic approaches to advance the treatment of rare genetic diseases; iii) training the next generation of biomedical researchers; iv) the dissemination of TIGEM’s major discoveries and subsequent distribution to the wider public through partnerships with academic institutions and industry.

Staff Members

13 Research Facilities


28 Offices

Bench Seats

4 Open Space Laboratories

Auditorium for 180 people
4 meeting rooms

Projects Funded

More than 20 patents


Over 40 rare disease studies


1994 - 1997

milan-cathedral.pngFirst charity funded institute in Italy
Strong focus on disease gene identification
48 people - 860sqm


Vesuvio-icon.pngPartnership with CNR
Mechanistic and functional studies
65 people - 1200sqm

2000 - 2005

Vesuvio-icon.pngScientific Office
Gene Therapy
System Biology
Strong collaboration with University Federico II and Università Vanvitelliana
65 people - 1200sqm

2005 - 2011

Vesuvio-icon.pngDevelopment of cell biology approaches and functional studies
Potentiation facilities (e.g, microscopy)
First industrial alliance
180 people - 2200sqm

2012 - 2014
New building @ Pozzuoli

ancient-pillar.pngAdditional crucial industrial alliances
Establishment of innovative therapies units
225 people - 4500sqm

2014 - present

ancient-pillar.pngFirst gene therapy clinical trial (MPSVI)
New facilities: proteomics, histology
First two start-ups
258people - 17 research groups