Advanced Histopathology 

The analysis of morphological and pathological markers represents one of the fundamental readouts by which all preclinical and clinical studies are assessed. For this reason, the histopathological analyses of tissue samples should be performed with standardized, reproducible, and optimized experimental criteria.

The Advanced Histopathology Facility provides high quality histopathological services to the internal scientific community and to external research centers. The AHF also offers its experienced personnel for customized pathology services in order to meet the needs of scientists involved in basic, preclinical, and clinical research.

AHF Services provided:

  • Tissue dissection and processing
  • Automated paraffin embedding and OCT® embedding
  • Microtomy and cryostat sectioning of a wide variety of tissue samples
  • Slide labeling
  • Wide ranging histochemical staining protocols
  • Innovative customized histological procedures to develop suitable approaches for:
    • Automated protein detection for single or multiplex immunofluorescence (IF) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) experiments (up to 5 simultaneous biomarkers in IF multiplexes and up to 8 in IHC)
    • Use of multiple primary antibodies raised in the same species, without cross talk
    • Automated DNA/RNA detection through in situ hybridization (ISH) protocols
    • Highly sensitive detection of RNA and miRNA with RNAscope technology
    • Automated combined detection of protein/DNA-protein/RNA in a single tissue slide
    • Setting up and optimizing histological approaches specific to each scientific project.

AHF Equipment:

EXCELSIOR AS AHSI (Thermo Fisher Scientific),this is an automated system for the dehydration and paraffin infiltration of human, plant, and animal tissues. Protocols are customisable according to each sample's needs.

EMBEDDING STATION (HistoCore Arcadia, LEICA), this station is used to position and embed tissues in molten paraffin wax to form paraffin blocks for use in microtome sectioning.

MICROTOMES (LEICA) We have both manual and semi-motorized rotary microtomes. Microtomes slice paraffin embedded tissues into sections as thin as 1μm. These sections are then mounted onto microscope slides, for use in histochemical, immunohistochemical, and immunofluorescence staining applications.

CRYOSTATS (LEICA) The cryostat is used for rapid freezing and sectioning of tissue samples. Fresh tissue samples are frozen with OCT embedding medium to provide rigidity and support for sectioning. Fresh muscle and bone samples can be sectioned by cryostats.

VENTANA DISCOVERY ULTRA (ROCHE) The Discovery Ultra enables high quality, highly reproducible chromogenic and fluorescence immunostaining. It is a fully automated system with enhanced protocol flexibility to process single or multiplex slides for IHC, IF, and ISH experiments in cells and tissues.