Online Seminar - Gioele La Manno, MSc, PhD - "Understanding nervous system development one cell at a time"

  • When Feb 22, 2022 from 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)
  • Where Tigem Auditorium Vesuvius
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Gioele La MannFoto.jpego
Group LeaderHead of the Neurodevelopmental Systems Biology lab
EPFL -Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne,
Lausanne, Switzerland
Short CV
The mammalian brain develops through a complex interplay of spatial cues, cell-cell interactions, and intrinsic genetic programs generating more than a thousand distinct cell types. A complete understanding of mammalian brain development requires systematic mapping of cell states covering the entire relevant spatiotemporal range.
In this talk I will present a comprehensive single-cell transcriptome atlas of mouse brain development spanning from gastrulation to birth. We identified almost a thousand distinct cellular states, including the initial emergence of the neuroepithelium, a rich set of region-specific secondary organisers and a complete developmental program for the functional elements of the brain and its enclosing membranes.
The vast heterogeneity of intermediate states and their partial transcriptional overlap challenges to the determination of a complete branching lineage from complex atlases such as this. Our RNA Velocity is a technology holds promises to assist this daunting task. In the talk I am going to give an update of the latest developments of the RNA velocity method and an overview of our latest implementations.