Carmine Settembre

Carmine Settembre

Cell Biology and Disease Mechanisms

Organelle Homeostasis


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Exploiting TIGEM resources and expertise to address outstanding questions in the lysosome-autophagy pathway, to understand the mechanistic basis of toxic accumulations in the endoplasmic reticulum, and to offer novel therapies to genetic diseases.

Additional Funding
  • AUTO-SELECT Dissect Cargo Selectivity in Autophagy (2023-2027), ERC Consolidator Grant
  • Dissecting the role of selective autophagy dysfunction in MPS pathogenesis (2021-2022), The National Mucopolysaccharidosis Society
  • RE-STORE - Pharmacological restoration of selective autophagy for the treatment of skeletal (2021-2022), European Research Council PoC
  • BONEPHAGY - Defining the role of the FGF–autophagy axis in bone physiology (2017-2023), European Research Council StG