Giancarlo Parenti

Giancarlo Parenti

Molecular Therapy

Innovative Therapies for Lysosomal Diseases




Interacting with patients gives me strong and enduring motivation to perform research at TIGEM, with the aim to identify novel therapeutic opportunities and alleviate the impact of diseases on patients’ lives.

Additional Funding
  • AFM - ASSOCIATION FRANÇAISE CONTRE LES MYOPATHIES - Targeting secondary dysregulation of cellular pathways and  functions to improve gene therapy for Pompe Disease (2022-2023)
  • CBLCGeneration and characterization of a model of MMACHC knock-out in Medaka (2021-2023)
  • Italian Ministry of Health - Analysis of circulating and tiddue-specific micro-RNAs in patients with rare diseases: identification of molecular biomarkers of disease progression and therapeutic efficacy (2018-2023)