Alessia Indrieri

Alessia Indrieri

Molecular Therapy

Mitochondrial Medicine




The overall goal of my research is to find effective treatments for defective mitochondrial functions. In particular we aim to develop mutation-independent strategies to treat rare and common mitochondrial-associated disorders.

Additional Funding
  • MIT - MITO FOUNDATION - Adeno Associated Viral (AAV)-mediated miR-181a/b inhibition as new therapeutic strategy for Mitochondrial Optic Neuropathy (2022-2023)
  • Metal transporters as potential therapeutic targets in inherited disorders of copper metabolism (2021-2023), Cnr/RFBR
  • miR-181a/b modulation as potential therapeutic approach for AMD treatment (2020-2022), Bright Focus Foundation
  • Therapeutic efficacy of miR-181a/b down regulation in Leigh syndrome (2019-2021), The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
  • Evaluation of the role of microRNAs miR-181a e miR-181b in Parkinson Disease (2019-2021), Fondazione Roche