Sandro Banfi

Sandro Banfi

Genomic Medicine

Eye Disease Genetics




My research goals are to elucidate the molecular basis of inherited disorders, and particularly of neurodegenerative conditions. I am now particularly interested in gaining insight into the contribution of noncoding RNAs to pathophysiological processes.

Additional Funding
  • StarT - European Training Network to Diagnose, Understand and Treat Stargardt Disease, a Frequent Inherited Blinding Disorder (2018-2022), European Union H2020-MSCA-ITN 
  • AAV-Sponge-mediated modulation of microRNA-181a/b: a potential therapeutic approach for Inherited Retinal Disease (2019 - 2022), Foundation Fighting Blindness
  • Beyond the exome: dissecting the missing heritability of mendelian disease with high genetic heterogeneity (DisHetGeD) (2019 - 2022), VALERE: VAnviteLli pEr la RicErca