Andrea Ballabio

Andrea Ballabio

Cell Biology and Disease Mechanisms

Lysosomal signaling




While studying medicine I was fascinated by how research could lead to the discovery of disease mechanisms.  As a young pediatrician, I took care  of children affected by genetic diseases, some of them serious and still without therapy, I felt the urge to act, to do something to help, and I knew that the way to make a difference was to understand the biological mechanism. That’s how research became my passion.

Additional Funding
  • LYSOSOMICS - Functional Genomics of the Lysosome (2016 - 2021), ERC AdV
  • Targeting RagD to inhibit mTORC1 signaling in cancer (2019-2023), AIRC
  • CUP - Metastatic Cancer of Unknown Primary: a Biological Enigma and an Unmet Medical Need (2018-2025), AIRC 5x1000