TIGEM Celebrates the International Day of Women & Girls in Science

Feb 10, 2024
TIGEM Celebrates the International Day of Women & Girls in Science

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated on 11th February and we meet two young researchers from Tigem!

There are women who, thanks to their talent, determination and commitment to science, have made the world a better place. A special appointment is addressed to these women of yesterday and to all those who dedicate themselves to scientific research today: February 11th will in fact be the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. According to the latest published balance sheet of the Telethon Foundation, which is also committed to promoting STEM disciplines in schools, Tigem have a female presence in the staff equal to 74%. Today we want to get to know two of them better.


Francesca Carriero was one of those little girls fascinated by science and particularly inspired by the charisma of Rita Levi-Montalcini, the only Italian woman to have won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. «For me – says Francesca – she represents the sum of the meanings of the word “freedom”. Taking inspiration from her means commitment, perseverance and excellence, and this is what guides my path." Francesca graduated in Biology at the Polytechnic University of the Marche in Ancona and already during her studies she was driven by the desire to go further, in knowledge and experiences. Thanks to the "Erasmus project" she moved as a visiting student first to the Michael Sars Center of the University of Bergen and then to the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, working in an international scientific community.


Also bringing research to her heart is Simona Brillante, post-doc researcher at Tigem, where she is involved in the development of a new therapeutic approach for the treatment of mitochondrial diseases which in particular involve the retinal degeneration. "I consider myself a very lucky person - she says - because in life I have managed to be exactly what I dreamed of as a child: a researcher." One scientific personality that Simona admires is Katalin Karikó, winner of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine, known for her work in developing mRNA technology. «Her example - she explains - encourages me to always give my best, but before her, I must say that I was inspired by my chemistry teacher in high school, who made me passionate about science». Today, a new source of inspiration has arrived in Simona's life. It is little Gabriele, born last September, who gave her the joy of being a mother. «With the birth of my son - she says - the awareness was strengthened which leads me to support the importance of neonatal screening for genetic diseases». Simona carries out her research work with determination, the beliefs gained through experience and also her message for future generations: «We researchers also have the task of transmitting the interest in science, and I would like this day  to be an inspiration for today's girls."