25/01/2023 UNISA Tigem Meeting Day

Jan 08, 2023
25/01/2023 UNISA Tigem Meeting Day

We are glad to host at TIGEM Pietro Campiglia  and other representatives of the UNISA for a Meeting Day in which we will exchange new insights about our leading projects and we will discuss about the possibility to establish fruitful collaborations between our institutions

Meeting Agenda

9:00 TIGEM Introduction – Graciana Diex-Roux

9:15 UNISA Introduction – Pietro Campiglia

9:30 Undiagnosed Disease Program: genetic diagnosis of patients affected by rare diseases - Vincenzo Nigro (TIGEM)

10:00 Analytical platforms for in vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic assessments: the preclinical characterization as new paradigm in drug discovery- Giacomo Pepe (UNISA)

10:30 Mass spectrometry-based Metabo-Lipidomics and Spatial-omics: A modern swiss army knife for precision medicine - Eduardo Sommella (UNISA)

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Pharmacological strategies to promote mucociliary clearance in cystic fibrosis and other chronic obstructive respiratory diseases - Luis Galietta (TIGEM)

11:50 Design of new CFTR modulators: in silico preliminary evidences and potential interaction - Alessia Bertamino (UNISA)

12:20 Potassium channels modulators for the treatment of rare neurological diseases - Carmine Ostacolo (UNISA)

12:50 Activities on COVID19 and infrastructures at TIGEM - Mirko Cortese (TIGEM)

13:20 Closing remarks