The Awesome Lysosome Meeting

To celebrate the Tigem 30th Anniversary and Andrea Ballabio's retirement as Funding Director
May 22, 2024
The Awesome Lysosome Meeting

The meeting aims to gather leading experts in lysosomal research to discuss and advance the understanding of lysosomal biology. The conference provides a comprehensive overview of current developments in lysosome biogenesis, function, signaling, autophagy and endocytosis, as well as their implications in cancer and lysosomal storage diseases.

It fosters the exchange of ideas among top researchers in the field, featuring lectures by distinguished experts, and offers opportunities for attendees to present their latest research through short oral and poster presentations.

Registration period

From March 15th To July 31st, 2024

Abstract submission period

From March 15th To June 3rd, 2024

Registration is opened on the official website