In loving memory of Dr. C. Thomas Caskey

Jan 20, 2022
In loving memory of Dr. C. Thomas Caskey
Dr. C. Thomas Caskey, professor of molecular and human genetics at Baylor College of Medicine has died at the age of 83. Dr. Caskey was a pioneer in the fields of genetics and genomics and went on to become a national leader in genetic research. He studied chemistry, followed by medicine, graduating from Duke University in 1963. In 1971, he arrived at Baylor College of Medicine Texas. There he founded the Institute of Molecular Genetics, which has grown under his leadership into the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, a leading center for genetic research.

Throughout his career, Caskey received numerous academic and industry honors, including the William Allan Award from the American Society of Human Genetics in 2021 and the William G. Anlyan, M.D., Lifetime Achievement Award from the Duke University Medical Alumni Association in 2015. But beyond this, Caskey was known for creating an environment that fostered innovation and success, drawing together talented scientists from the world over, and his dedication to mentoring and developing the next generation of scientists and physicians. Many of Caskey's students and mentees have gone on to have tremendous careers of their own both in the US and further afield.

Dr. Caskey had an important impact on TIGEM, having mentored many of our scientists including our Director Andrea Ballabio. 

"Dr. Caskey was an outstanding scientist and a visionary leader. He inspired me to build a successful research institute. Tigem’s current strategies, management and structure, stem from his vision." - Andrea Ballabio, TIGEM Director