COSY-BIO: a FET-OPEN project funded by EC, ended on 31st March

Jun 14, 2021
COSY-BIO: a FET-OPEN project funded by EC, ended on 31st March
After 42 months of intense work, the COSY-BIO project coordinated by Diego di Bernardo, Head of the Bioinformatics Core at TIGEM, came to the end.

The overarching goal of COSY-BIO was to develop a theoretical framework and innovative technological tools to engineer reliable biological systems that are robust despite their individual components being not by translating principles of control engineering to molecular and cell biology.
Publications and softwares are all available in Open Access in the Zenodo COSY-BIO Community, at the following link:

On 11th June 2021, the results of the project were presented in the Review Meeting, to the European Commission. It was a great chance to introduce all the work done during the last period as well as the impacts achieved. The reviewers' feedback after analysis of the documents and presentations from the meeting has been positive reaching COSY-BIO the achieved objectives.

The final remarks and conclusions highlighted the excellent work done and results achieved and encouraged all the partners to continue working in the development of synthetic biology.

All scientific papers and public deliverables are available at