Senior researcher position in Cacchiarelli’s Lab in collaboration with Santobono-Pausilipon

Jul 04, 2023

Where: The workplaces are the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, located in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy and the A.O.R.N. Santobono-Pausilipon, Naples. 

When: The position is available starting as soon as possible. The duration of the contract is 2 years, renewable upon a positive evaluation.

What: A Senior Researcher who will be involved in the Project "Genetics and Clinical Genomics for the study of diseases in children". The research work will be focused on the application of innovative methods of genetic and genomic analysis for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for rare and common diseases with a genetic component, to be applied in the field of pediatric clinical research.

Salary: Gross salary 40,000€


  1. Italian speaker mother tongue
  2. A Degree in Biology, Biotechnology or Medicine is required and at least three years post-graduate experience in a Medical Genetics laboratory. Publication of at least n. 3 scientific papers in indexed journals relevant to the required profile.
  3. Specialization or Ph.D. in Medical Genetics, Human Genetics or similar. Theoretical/practical knowledge of the use of advanced technologies for Medical Genetics and Clinical Molecular Biology with reference to the following activities:
  • eligibility for both diagnostic and screening tests;
  • use of Next Generation Sequencing technologies;
  • interpretation and reporting of Next Generation Sequencing results;
  • knowledge of "third generation" sequencing technologies and functional genomics, pre/post test genetic counseling for medical genetics and oncology molecular tests, analysis of inheritance linked to germline variants for Mendelian diseases or predisposition to tumors according to ACMG and SIGU guidelines; analysis of somatic variants from tumor samples to be reported according to AMP/CAP guidelines.
  1. Further scientific production relevant to the profile required by this selection notice. Knowledge of privacy legislation (GDPR n. 679/2016), the prevention of corruption (law 6/11/2012 n.190), and the new European regulations on clinical trials (n. 536/2014), documented through certificates of participation in specific courses. Knowledge of the general methodology of clinical trials. Experience gained abroad in the field of clinical trials. Knowledge of the drug authorization process and of the reference legislation, including the minimum requirements for the accreditation of Phase 1 trials (Decision 809/2015). Knowledge of drug/medical device management (e.g. accounting; traceability; management adverse event reporting; pharmacovigilance) attested through training courses.

TIGEM does not discriminate based on sex, race, gender orientation, sexuality, or disability. The selection committee for this role encourages applicants from all backgrounds and will consider all applications equally irrespective of the aforementioned characteristics.

How to apply: Submit your application exclusively to:

Thanks for applying!­

Prof. Davide Cacchiarelli