Pre-doctoral student in bioinformatics, genomics and regenerative biology in Cacchiarelli's Lab

Oct 27, 2023

Where: The workplace is the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, located in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy.

When: The position is  available as soon as possible.

What: The lab mainly focuses on three distinct research topics: Regenerative medicine: application of integrative multi-omics approaches to dissect the key molecular events during differentiation, reprogramming and cell fate conversion; Functional genomics: deep mutational scanning approaches of disease-driving genes to identify disease-causative variants in rare genetic disorders; Medical genomics: Whole genome and exome sequencing of human samples in medical genetics and oncology; Genome surveillance for microbiology.

Essentials:The predoctoral student should possess a master's degree in Biology, bioinformatics, or a related discipline, preferably with a background in bioinformatics, genomics and regenerative biology.

How to apply: In order to submit your application, please send an email with your CV, a motivational letter and the name and contact info of two referees to

TIGEM does not discriminate based on sex, race, gender orientation, sexuality, or disability. The selection committee for this role encourages applicants from all backgrounds and will consider all applications equally irrespective of the aforementioned characteristics.

Thanks for applying!
Davide Cacchiarelli