TIGEM, a Telethon Foundation organization

A leading institution for research on rare genetic diseases

With the support of Telethon, the European Union and many other funding agencies, TIGEM's 18 research groups are engaged in numerous clinical trials and collaborative projects.

In addition, TIGEM's alliances with various universities, two of which being the awarding bodies for TIGEM's PhD programs, offer the institute additional resources and opportunities for excellent students.

With TIGEM's carefully selected group of internationally-renowned researchers, the Institute's studies are able to span over many fields of study.
Cell Biology, Genomic Medicine and Molecular Therapy are the principal disciplines involved in research, clinical trials and translational medicine at TIGEM.

The Institute's success in biological research applied to genetic diseases has received international recognition; since 1994, TIGEM has published over 800 research articles in leading scientific journals and continues to be one of the most prolific research centers in Europe.

TIGEM's mission is to discover how abnormal molecular mechanisms cause disease and how to correct them.

In addition, TIGEM strives to make corrective measures possible in the form of therapy and novel treatments. In order to achieve this, TIGEM uses a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating three research programs into its studies to apply the results of basic research to translational medicine.

Applying the approaches of cell biology to our research is important for understanding the underlying cellular dysfunctions causing gene disease phenotypes and thus to reconstruct the mechanisms which begin with a genetic defect.

The Genomic Medicine (GM) program at TIGEM focuses on the development of integrated experimental and computational tools and their application to mammalian disease models to monitor therapeutic approaches.

The mission of TIGEM’s Molecular Therapy (MT) research plan is to develop novel strategies for the prevention and treatment of disease. One of our major research strategies is in vivo vector-mediated gene delivery.

Research Faculty

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Research activity at TIGEM is supported by eleven Core Facilities dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology as well as “housekeeping” assistance. The Core Facilities make technological expertise available to all faculty members, staff, and students.

PhD Programs

TIGEM collaborates with three leading universities to offer three PhD programs.
Successful completion of either program leads to conferral of a British or Italian PhD degree, depending on the awarding institution of the chosen program.

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