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The Telethon Foundation


Telethon: the machinery behind our cause

The Telethon Foundation is a leading Italian charity organization investing in the research of rare genetic diseases.  By funding its three Telethon Institutes, which include TIGEM, Telethon has provided the financial basis to move towards treating rare genetic diseases.This is a noble undertaking, considering that these medical conditions are generally overlooked by pharmaceutical and research institutions.

Telethon was founded in 1990 by Susanna Agnelli and has since been dedicated to conducting the best research possible to find cures for aggressive genetic diseases. For Telethon, changing the fate of patients suffering from incurable conditions is top priority. While the development of effective therapy treatments is tackled with the utmost urgency, Telethon also realizes that successful treatments must be made attainable for all patients that need them. Therefore Telethon makes a great effort to negotiate and collaborate with pharmaceutical institutions to ensure that every patient receives the care that he or she deserves.   

Telethon's efforts

Telethon is committed to broadening the horizons of biomedical research and improving the quality of life of patients affected by rare genetic diseases. By financing its three research institutes, TIGEM, TIGET, and DTI, Telethon is getting closer to discovering cures everyday. Telethon has invested over 400 million euros in these institutes and continues to give. Telethon's mission has spread worldwide; the organization has international support in form of funding and expertise of renowned scientists- currently Telethon has 32 international scientists that contribute to the peer review process. This, along with evaluation by 8000 scientists from all over the world, are key factors behind the success of Telethon and its institutes.

Telethon's annual event, Telethon week, is the organization's major effort to gather funds for research on a large scale. During this event segments featuring researchers, patients and the institutes are broadcasted nationally. This is an opportunity to show the public what Telethon does and how it makes a difference for children suffering from genetic diseases. Telethon benefits greatly from the generosity of the public, as funds are needed to finance the various projects carried out at the institutes

How you can contribute

Telethon is dedicated to raising awareness and engages the public as much as possible. A simple  makes all the difference to help those in need. Donations go directly to funding research. Italian residents may also volunteer for Telethon or involve local schools in the fight against diseases. In addition, another one of Telethon's annual events, The Walk of Life, organized in a handful of Italian cities, invites you to walk or run towards a cure.