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TIGEM's principal funding agent is, of course, The Telethon Foundation. Funds provided by Telethon cover costs of research, staffing and facilities. To guarantee the quality of the research conducted at TIGEM and in the rest of its institutes, Telethon has created a rigorous revision process to make sure that funds are distributed properly and that they are being put towards the best use possible. telethon
Every five years a committee chosen by Telethon, composed of internationally-renowned scientists, conducts the evaluation of each research project and faculty member to review plausibility, progress and future plans. The committee also assesses the Institute as a whole with a site visit. This is an important process, as the scientists have had much experience themselves in the research field and can give useful feedback.


European Funds

TIGEM's success is widely-recognized, resulting in a network of international support in the form of funding. Some of the major funding agencies include the European Union and its European Research Council (ERC). The ERC is currently funding five of our faculty members with starter and advanced grants.

Industrial Alliances


One of TIGEM's priorities is to translate its research into plausible solutions for providin treatments for genetic diseases. In order to do so, TIGEM has paired with two major international pharmaceutical companies, BioMarin and to carry out some of its major groundbreaking projects. These alliances gives TIGEM additional funding and outlets to develop treatments.shire

TIGEM is also funded by small, private companies that focus on rare genetic diseases. Normally these organizations are devoted to supporting the research of a specific type of genetic disease. Collaborating with small companies allows TIGEM to expand its research interests and find unique outlets for diseases that are normally not subject to  scientific research.