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Walk of Life

walk of life

Telethon Walk of Life

Every year Telethon organizes the Walk of Life in several Italian cities, inviting all interested members to sign up to walk or run in the marathon. Participants make a small donation in exchange for a knapsack, a chance to learn about our cause and the unforgettable and priceless experience of helping others. This event not only raises awareness by sharing the stories of various patients affected by the very diseases which we try to overcome, but is also pools additional funds for Telethon. Telethon partners with various national companies that agree to contribute a product to the kit that is included in the knapsacks distributed to participants.  We at TIGEM look forward to  participating in Walk of Life- Naples every year.


Who does Walk of Life benefit?

Telethon's field of research interest is rare genetics diseases. These disorders primarily affect children and young adults, the general age group of diagnosis, as many of these diseases may lead to decreased lifespan and increased physiological disability. The primary objective of Walk of Life is to promote awareness of these rare diseases and share the stories of some patients diagnosed with a rare disease. Telethon's sole purpose is to fund research in order to make therapies for such diseases possible. Donations made through Walk of Life go directly to Telethon and fund research in some shape or form.