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TIGEM Open Doors

tigem open doors

As suggested by the name of this event, one of TIGEM’s priorities is to share the purpose of its initiatives. On an annual basis, TIGEM welcomes local pupils, teachers, and science enthusiasts to tour our facility and learn more about the Telethon mission and the ways in which we try to fulfill it. Visitors are given basic mini lessons related to biology and research and then are invited to visit laboratories to try to use some simple techniques and experience the excitement of seeing experimental demonstrations. This crucial event not only helps us to promote transparency and awareness of genetic disorders, but it also encourages students to gain an interest in science and thus help them to choose a career path that may allow them to help others through their efforts. In addition, our students are posed with the challenge of expressing their research in simpler terms while remaining articulate at the same time; PhD students must be able to explain their research, ideas, and scientific information in order to have successful research and/or teaching careers.