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Telethon Marathon


Every year TIGEM has the opportunity to contribute to fund-raising in the annual Telethon Marathon. The Marathon runs for a week on national Italian television, sharing the initiatives of Telethon Institute and the stories of the many patients that benefit from its efforts. This event is extremely important because it increases general awareness of rare genetic diseases; unfortunately, these disorders are universally neglected by the pharmaceutical industry and load governments. Telethon derives its name from this annual event (a portmanteau of the words “television” and “marathon”), and is a good opportunity to involve all of its personnel.  Many students, for example, take the fundraising events into their own hands and appear on the program to discuss their studies and findings. These talks are accompanied by professionally produced short narratives, which share the stories of some patients struggling with rare genetic disorders. The generosity of the public results in a large contribution to our annual funds, highlighting the importance of creating awareness of rare genetic diseases on a national scale.