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The Scientific Office is the principal agent responsible for interacting with the public and coordinating all affairs related to dissemination and outreach. Dissemination and visibility within the community allow TIGEM to share its initiatives in an open manner. Our activities reach the public in a variety of ways, allowing the community to see how we operate within our ethics code. Carrying out research that has the possibility to change lives comes with a responsibility that we respect and treat with the upmost care. Not only do we adhere to a code of research ethics in our scientific activities, but we welcome the public to get to know our institute.  

Volunteers and TIGEM visits

To share the purpose of its initiatives, TIGEM welcomes volunteers and primary, secondary and high school children to its facility in a monthly guided visit. Just as with TIGEM Open Doors, school children and Telethon volunteers are given basic mini lessons related to biology and research and are then invited to visit laboratories to learn about some simple techniques and experience the excitement of watching an experiment unfold. 

Collaborative Efforts

TIGEM takes advantage of the research centers and scientific entities in the area as a way to reach the public, especially for the purposes of creating awareness of our research. We often send our researchers to academic settings to interact with groups of students. We often collaborate with schools in order to help students develop their interests. Many of our PhD students and researchers are involved in our Career Orientation project. It comprises organizing regular trips to local schools and giving small presentations and demonstrations to high school students. Students who are already interested in science or students who are not sure what kind of career to pursue may gain inspiration from such visits, which is important for the future of research. 

TIGEM also collaborates with local organizations such as The Città della Scienza ("The City of Science"). This local scientific museum offers demonstrations, guided visits and seasonal exhibits, welcoming schools to learn about all things science. Our researchers visit this museum and participate in some of the demonstrations and also present some of the important highlights of TIGEM's projects. This is not only important for vocalizing our efforts and involving the public, but it gives our researchers another opportunity to learn how to present their projects in a way that is easy for all groups to understand or relate to; in order for the public to understand and appreciate the efforts behind research, this is crucial.