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Curricular Activities and Events


Data Clubs

Every year each student has the opportunity to share personal thesis data with the rest of his/her peers. The student prepares a presentation and explains the scientific significance behind the data and how this information relates to the objectives of his/her project.  This is a great opportunity for PhD students for various reasons. The students are forced to think critically about the data that they collect, clarify their objectives, and plan the next steps of their experiments.

The students must present their data in English, as it is the working language of both PhD programs, and so this is a chance to practice speaking English in a scientific context. Moreover, this data clubs help strengthen their presentation skills; it is one thing to visualize a project and another to explain potentially difficult concepts in a way that is clear for those not involved in the same experiment. Students receive feedback and constructive criticism after their presentations and are expected to entertain questions that the audience may have afterwards. This is not only a helpful process for the student presenting data, but for his/her peers, as they are exposed to the various techniques and ideas that are being used by other students.


TIGEM’s curriculum covers specific training for first, second and third years, and provides a comprehensive overview of molecular biology. Students have examinations after completed these courses so that they may test their understanding and review ideas that they may not have understood. This ensures that all of our students, regardless of the nature of their previous degrees (biology, or chemistry, or physics, etc.), have a solid foundation in the aspects that are important to our research so that they can cohesively collaborate. We also give introductory courses on career planning and presentations, so that students will have these tools as they continue to pursue their careers after their PhD experiences. To see courses, please refer to (link).


TIGEM invites internationally renowned guests to speak at TIGEM and present projects in which they are involved. Scientific seminars are a great way to allow students to explore other aspects of molecular biology and become familiarized with other techniques. The wisdom that guests are able to impart is priceless and gives our students new ideas and renewed inspiration.


Every year and a half students are invited to the TIGEM retreat, which lasts a few days.   It provides the informal context needed to encourage the students and research faculty to create bonds so that they are more inclined to work well together. The students participate in scientific discussions and a poster session at the end. A major component of success of our institution is our capacity to work together in a familial setting, and the retreat helps to strengthen that.