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Maintenance and General Services

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The General Services Core is crucial for the fulfillment of TIGEM’s daily operations and research activities. It provides technical support (i.e. resolution of logistical and infrastructural issues, maintenance of equipment), oversees the majority of the environmental safety issues (i.e. dissemination of information and training regarding workplace safety and risk prevention, hazards and emergencies) and guarantees health surveillance of TIGEM personnel by providing systematic assessments of the employees’ fitness and health.generalserviceinterest

The Core, organized as a centralized service, orchestrates acquisition of products and proper use of such items. It organizes and effectuates purchases, stores and distributes chemicals, solvents, glassware and other laboratory materials utilized by the research staff. Its centralized assistance offers the Institute a definite advantage in terms of cost (i.e. bulk purchases, which allow the institute to procure more material for a lower cost), space (i.e. prevention of duplicating or wasting common reagents), safety (delegation of appropriate locations for hazardous materials, such as flammable reagents), and efficiency, which allows the research staff to dedicate their time to their research. Finally, the Core is responsible for reinforcing appropriate cleaning habits to keep glassware and plastic ware (i.e. beakers, cylinders, centrifuge and ultracentrifuge bottles) clean and safe to use in experiments. It also ensures that substantial quantities of common media, reagent-quality solutions and plates are always prepared and made available to the researchers.

Our facility’s Lab Manager acts as an additional technical support and reference person for resolution of small technical problems and safety issues. The Lab Manager is thus responsible for supervising safety protocols, arranging periodic maintenance of the institute’s structures and collaborating with external parties to ensure safety. These procedures include, but are not limited to, modifying and updating equipment and appliances, training personnel in safety procedures, providing first assistance and logistical support, managing booking lists, placing orders, taking inventory of the institute’s resources and supervising  in-house services.