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26/04/2017 | PostDoc position available in Settembre's lab

Post-doctoral fellowship at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, Pozzuoli (NA) ITALY. (

An open call for post-doctoral fellowship positions in the laboratory of Carmine Settembre at TIGEM institute located in Pozzuoli, Italy for the study of the “Role of lysosomal autophagy pathway during bone development and homeostasis”.
The main research interest of Settembre laboratory is to understand the regulationand the role of the lysosomal-autophagy pathway in both physiological anddisease processes. In particular, keeping in mind that the lysosomal-autophagy pathway is dynamically regulated in response to changes in the extracellular environment, Settembre laboratory is exploring the hypothesis that the developmental regulation of this pathway is an important contributor to organismal development and growth. Currently, we are investigating the role of the lysosomal autophagy pathway during skeletal development and growth. We decided to focus on the bone because the roles that catabolic processes play in the regulation of skeletal growth have not been defined yet. The observation that mutations in more than 20 genes encoding for lysosomal proteins causes defects in skeletal growth in human suggests that lysosomal pathways play an important, yet unexplored, role
during skeletogenesis. We use an interdisciplinary approach that combines mouse genetics, cell biology, advanced imaging, molecular methodologies and pharmacological therapies.

The research in Settembre laboratory is supported by the European Research Council grant (ERC) and the PI is part of the EMBO young investigator and Dulbecco Telethon Institute programs, which promote international networking and participation
at meetings.

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate with strong experience in cell biology and imaging techniques. Salary will be supported by an ERC starting grant (2016-2021) and will be negotiated based on applicant past achievements.

Please submit your CV, letter of intent, and the names of two references to CarmineSettembre: